Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Healing Experience with "The Grays"

    During my life, I have had what has come to labeled abduction experiences. I wasn't always happy to have the experiences. I hesitate to share these experiences- I'm not sure why. I have decided that they are a part of my journey, and they should be shared.
     Lama Gyatso once spoke to the sangha, briefly, about these types of experiences. He said "There are myriad beings in the universe." He went on to explain they often want our attention. He then said that we are not obligated to respond to them. My last experience with them, I told them to never contact me again. They haven't.

  During the time frame of my experiences,  I would suddenly wake up in their presence. There were three, with a taller one in the middle. I always felt that there was busyness going on all around us, so I felt like there were many. But I only saw 3 at a time. I once witnessed a small one shapeshifting into a human form. I also felt their minds were all connected telepathically.
     One particular experience stands out for me: At the time, I was working at a lighthouse with many stairs to climb. My left knee was giving me a very hard time. I was going to make an appointment to see a Dr. about it. One night, I woke up in a brightly lighted room with the 3 grays. They were operating on my knee. I was a little startled, but decided not to panic. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder  13 years before this. I said to them " Since you are fixing my knee, why don't you cure my disease?" The tall one answered me telepathically: "This (the knee) is a mechanical problem. The disease is karmic. We can't change karma." Then I passed out.
     I awoke the next morning and looked at my knee. There were 2 tiny almost healed cuts and a little bruising. I went to work that day, walking up the long flights of stairs.  My knee never bothered me again from that day. I did show my boss the knee. She had always been fascinated by my dreams & experiences. We laughed about it.
     To be honest, I never saw any evidence that these beings are extraterrestrial in nature. I did witness shape shifting, telepathy & healing. To this day I don't know who they are, or what they are. I don't feel they are evil, though I did spend a period of time being angry at their intrusiveness. I did notice they seemed fascinated with human emotions. They are very tricky beings, so it's hard to come to solid conclusions regarding them. I think they come from inner space.

Note: Butterfly Nebula photo source: Hubble .