Thursday, May 5, 2011


       Due to the condition of my health, I am forced to stop doing almost everything... except manage my illness. I am very upset about this, but I can do nothing but surrender to the truth. The truth is that the daily maintenance of my body in it's current condition is a full time job. This means I will be taking a break from blogging both here and on Life in Neverwell.
I am going to try to work a little on Quintessia's Journey, if I can.

During the course of my 30 year oddessy with this amalgamation of immune disorder(s), ME/CFS, etc. (see my other blog, Life in Neverwell for clarification), I have tried everything to change my condition. I've done all the New Age  "think yourself well" programs (which lead to me ignoring symptoms in an effort to will myself healthy. Silly of me. And dangerous.) I had extensive counseling and analysis, which showed this was not a psycho-somatic in origin. I've participated in experimental drug trials. I have spent $10,000's at an environmental clinic, purifying my body. I have met with authentic shamans, psychics, and gifted healers. I also became a Reiki Master in 2000. I have tried supplements, herbs and peculiar diets (I am NOT allergic to gluten). I have tried almost everything (within reason) to bring my body to wellness.

I feel it's important for people to realize that being chronically ill is not a failure on the part of the sick person. The idea that there is "something out there, but you just haven't found it" is also useless. No one wants to be this debilitated, to live a half-life. All of us with chronic illness are doing the best we can with what we have.

So.... in the spirit of living the truth, I am admitting that I need to withdraw from putting my attention anywhere, but on the needs of my poor sick body. It's the least I can do for it.
If I should improve or have a reprieve, I be back at this  blog.

I want thank everyone for the good wishes, prayers and healing rituals. Those efforts are not lost in the bigger picture. Compassion never is lost, even if we don't see the result of our actions.