Friday, October 30, 2009

U2 at the Rose Bowl 10/25/2009

My husband, daughter, and a good friend were fortunate to see U2 at the Rose Bowl. I have been following their music since 1981. The first time I ever saw them was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1985. I was pregnant for my daughter at the time. The the Rose Bowl show was my daughter's first time at a U2 show. The whole day was a massive event with 96,000 people and mid- 90's heat. For a person with ME (myalgic encephalmyelitis), this type of event is an endurance test that could set the body back into a full relapse. As a family, we all made the decision that it may well be worth the cost. (It's been 6 days since the show and i have been housebound, mostly on the couch since then.)
As a dharma student, this is a good way to see how well you apply your practices!
The day was grueling, but the show was fantastic. I will not go into commentary on it all, but I uploaded photos.


  1. UPDATE:
    Top Attendance at a U.S. concert by a single headliner:

    1. U2 - Rose Bowl; Pasadena, Calif. (Oct. 25, 2009)
    Attendance: 97,014
    Gross: $9,960,036

  2. U2 has been a favorite of mine from their beginning - have never gotten to see them perform but how incredible the experience must be for anyone able to -

    i came across your place through the post of rob and trish macgregor and would love to follow along on your journey - please feel free to drop by one of my places [ i have several ] - and have a wonderful day!