Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Sychronicity

On my birthday (December 7), my husband and I were at a department store picking up a few things. My daughter called on my cell phone to tell me that she would be at our home in 2 hours. We had no specific plans for the day, she just wanted to see me. As we were getting ready to pay for our purchases, Larry & I saw some beautiful bird Christmas ornaments on extreme mark-down. We made an "impulse purchase", and brought the bird ornaments home. On the drive home we talked about not having a tree for the past 6 years, and how we would like a small living tree to put the birds on. Shortly after arriving home, my daughter walks up to our doorway with a small beautiful potted pine tree! She said, "Mom, I saw this tree and I just had to bring it to you! I don't know why." I showed her the bird ornaments. We all laughed about the mother-child telepathy bond always being there (she's 24) as we decorated the tree.


  1. Cool story! Mom/daughter telepathy is always a confirmation of that profound connection.

  2. Ok, synchronicity in action. The word verification for the previous post was DUFFOG. I had just finished writing a woman who worked with my former editor - Kate Duffy, who died in late September, and had just finished writing a fog scene in my novel. Unfortunately, I forgot how to take a screen shot!

  3. oh and there's a copy of Rob's "The Fog" right next to me on the bookshelf!