Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aventures in Ghost Hunting- in my own home! Part 2 of 3

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As I've stated in my profile, I am psychic. I grew up in an isolated area in upstate New York, where this "gift" was considered evil. I've spent allot of my life conflicted about this "gift". I have paranormal experiences everyday, and there is a range of what is normal for me. What made our current circumstances so disturbing to me was that I couldn't "read" what was happening in a clear way. All in knew was this: My family was in danger. This is why we called Pacific Paranormal Investigations.

After we contacted PPI, they sent us a detailed questionnaire. They are very thorough in their data collection: they even want to know what medications you take. All of this is important in evaluating what you are experiencing. I told them I was a "haunted person", in the spirit of complete disclosure.

PPI arrived at our home on the evening of May 9th, 2009. Karl Sherlock, Brain Miller and their team immediately put my husband & I at ease- they really listened to our concerns. They were very professional and took many notes. They then proceeded to set up the home with monitoring equipment: DVR recorders, camcorders, digital tape recorders, EMF detectors, AC field detectors, thermometers, K-II meters, and many other devices.
Larry and I went to a neighbors home for the night. At approximately 3 am PPI called to inform us that the investigation was over. When we arrived at our condo, they immediately showed us that the floor was emanating a very high EMF field. (Safe readings are under 1.0 milliguass. Our floor read 30-50.0 milliguass!) This high field ran across the entire width of our home, and our couch was sitting directly on it.(When I had checked for EMF's, I didn't check the floor because there isn't a cellar.) No wonder we were having strange experiences! High EMF's affect the brain, as well as creating general malaise. For me, this was made worse by my electrical sensitivities and my auto-immune disorder (which often translates stimuli as trauma). PPI then left, assuring us that they would call us when they had analyzed all of their data.

At this point, we called another electrical contractor to our home. I showed them the high EMF's along the floor. They informed us that our mid-century condo probably had a collapsed conduit. They did some diagnostics that confirmed that the main electrical conduit for the entire 9 unit building was under the floor, and embedded in the concrete. Our unit was the last in the row. The shielding around the electrical wires had corroded and water had surrounded the live lines, pulling the electricity from the field for the entire building into our home. We were living in what is called a "fear cage". $5000, and 3 days later, new lines were threaded under the roof. The contractors asked my husband to go the the side of the building before they cut off the electricity to the old conduit. They showed him that all the meters in the wall were arcing (buzzing , popping with live electricity), and they said it was a miracle that there wasn't a fire! At this point we were very grateful for PPI and their equipment! As soon as the old conduit line was cut, and the new conduit was turned on the EMF's went down to 0.0 along the floor.
Repairing the electrical system solved many of our problems: my heart rate gradually went back to normal, the high pitch ringing, humming,& buzzing was gone, the shadow person and shadow critters were gone. My night terrors of our home catching fire did not recur. The ghost lady desperately trying to awaken me did not come back. Imagine our surprise when PPI contacted us to tell us that their investigations turned up anomalies!!!

This is what we learned at the "Reveal"( a professional term for sharing the evidence with the client):
*There were at least 11 EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), including what appeared to a female, a male, and a child.
*There was an incident of an investigator's flashlight coming on by itself in the bedroom, caught on DVR.
*The beings/spirits appeared to be intelligent: they interacted and responded to the investigators.
*A majority of the phenomena appeared to be centered around a black lacquer box (which we had purchased at a thrift store). See photo here.

In part 3 of this story I will share some of the EVP transcripts, and talk about the results of a second PPI investigation.
Read part 3 here.

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  1. Wow.I don't even know what to say to any of this. Except. Get reading from a psychic u trust. Even tho u are psychic, someone with your gift may be able to offer insights you don't have.