Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adventures in Ghost Hunting- in my own home! Part 1 of 3

In March 2009, my husband and I began to notice that strange things were happening in our home. There was a constant hum/buzz sound and a feeling of pressure in our ears & head while we were in the home. Our computers, cable equipment, phones (both land-line and cell) began to malfunction frequently. I began to hear a constant high pitch ringing in my ears which kept me awake. We assumed it was an electrical short. I have a tri field EMF detector, an older model given to me by my electric company in 2004. (My chronic illness includes electro-sensitivities.) I found high readings on one wall where our water heater and heating/AC controls are located. We decided to call our electric company. Over the course of 3 weeks, they sent 3 different techs to our home. They could find nothing to account for what we were experiencing. They all could hear the buzz/hum and one guy could hear the high pitch ring. The last tech asked if he could pray for us before he left! Larry (my husband) and I found this very odd... We then called out 3 separate contractors, one general and 2 electrical. The general contractor said he could find nothing wrong with wiring, etc. The 2 electrical contractors found nothing as well, but the last guy said he considered the EMF levels coming off the wall toxic. Later , a neighbor informed me that one of the electrical contractors told her our condo was haunted!
Six weeks into trouble shooting our home, Larry and I both started seeing a shadow person moving through our condo, into the hall, and disappearing into the bathroom.
Then came a series of visitations by "ghosts". A woman would awaken me in the night with a sense of urgency saying "Ma'am!". Nightmares were frequent : always about our home being on fire. Our cat,a Maine coon named Thomas, was chasing little shadow creatures through our home, and we both could see them! I was experiencing tachycardia, severe muscle cramps, head aches, inner ear pain, insomnia, and sun burn like rashes on my body. I went to my doctor and my inner ear had become infected. My resting heart rate was 99. She ran tests, but could not find a reason for the higher than normal heart rate. At this point I knew that I would probably have a serious physical collapse if I couldn't determine what was affecting our home.
I kept wondering: who would have the type of equipment we need to analyze our environment for causes to the disturbances? After careful research, we emailed a local organization: Pacific Paranormal Investigations. (They are part of the TAPS family. The Atlantic Paranormal Society are the Ghost Hunters on SYFY.) As it turns out, hiring PPI may have saved the lives of ourselves and our neighbors. The investigation also turned up some unexpected and intriguing results, which I will reveal in part 2 and 3.


  1. Fantastic story. You may want to check out The young woman haunted so persistently that she and her family finally moved. Her mother has the blog:
    I'm thinking you may have some advice that nancy's daughter may find comforting. Their blogs are listed on ours, in case I didn't get these urls right.

  2. And I still love this story!