Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I Became Involved in Health Care Reform

Getting involved in an organized movement is new to me. My daughter is struggling with receiving proper health care for her severe illnesses. I couldn't stand by and watch these struggles without trying to make a difference.
My 24 year old daughter has had a 4 year struggle with repeated , severe staph infections that are life threatening. She has been in the emergency room every 9o days (except for one 6 month period this past summer). She works full time, and is going to school full time. She has supported herself for 6 years. She has been unable to get a job that provides health care. This was okay for the first 2 years. Then she started having the severe, repeated staph infections. It wasn't until her last visit to an urgent care center that she was informed that the staph has "mutated to her to system and her immune system is attacking her own body." The Dr. told her that this is very serious, and that she needs to have consistent, regular medical care, because her life is being threatened. Unfortunately, this is not an option for her. Last year, after accumulating approximately $60,000 in medical bills in a 3 year period, she tried to file for bankruptcy. She doesn't have the $1600.00 to pay for this process. Unfortunately, we can't help her. We are struggling as well.
Last week she was informed that she may be expelled from her school because of repeated absences. She had two staph infections last month and was bedridden for over a week. If she is expelled, she will still owe the school $12,000 for student loans.
The bottom line here is this: we have a 24 year old with a medical condition, no health care option available, and mounting debt currently totaling $72,000. She is a tax paying American citizen. What is wrong with this picture?
Her story is not unique. Her story is an average American story at this point in our country's history. I believe that health care is a human right (not a privilege) and it should be available to every American. This is why I am now involved in Organizing for America.

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  1. You say it well. The whole ugly picture is in this story. Meanwhile, all these alien types in Congress are hemming and hawing, being lobbied and cajoled to water it all down. We don't seem to have any problem spending zillions for war, but can't take care of our own citizens. There's so much wrong with this picture that it staggers the mind.