Sunday, November 22, 2009

Butterfly Bouquet: a vivid dream

During my life I have recognized a pattern in my dreaming. My dreams often bring guidance , synchronicity, and inspiration to the issues I am facing.
Recently, my husband and I were presented with an economic crisis. After mulling it over (worrying!) for several days, I had the following dream: My husband and I receive an delivery of a bouquet of flowers. As we unwrap the cellophane surrounding the flowers , live butterflies are released from bouquet the into the air. The colors of both the flowers and the butterflies are vivid, luscious, and striking- very surreal. In this dream world, it is a ritual that upon receiving these flowers, one must send a similar bouquet to someone else. As we are putting together a bouquet to send, I say to to my husband: "Make sure that the blooms have living butterflies, because the butterflies are the message." At this point I wake up. As I am coming to awareness I think to myself "This dream reminds me of the movie What Dreams May Come". I am filled with longing to paint the butterfly bouquet on canvas. (I am an artist, and used to love to paint. Sadly, I have been unable to paint due to severe loss of eyesight combined with neurological problems, due to my illness: ME.) I also feel compelled to immediately tell my husband the dream. After telling him, we discuss that we both feel strongly that the dream is a positive omen regarding our current crisis.
As the day went on, I could not shake the stunning image of the butterfly bouquet. In a phone conversation, I tell my close friend Christine (in PA) about the dream. She said "Just like that movie What Dreams May Come!" (We have never discussed this movie before.)
Our crisis hasn't been resolved yet, but I will update this blog as the magic of the dream unfolds.


  1. To me, butterflies have always symbolized transformation. I certainly see this dream as very p0ositive!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Divine Tempest! Sounds like it's right up my alley.