Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quakes, Visions & Dharma Practice

Last night was a night from hell. I dreamt about crumbled buildings, disasters, and immense suffering. I woke up several times with demonic type presences in the room. So I did my Lion Faced Dakini practice when I was conscious, between disturbing visionary states.

Since 2004, my left ear registers high pitched rings prior to earthquakes all over the globe.

I didn't get any ear ringing for the 8.8 Chile quake (which is up to 52 50+ aftershocks, and counting). Instead, I was very dizzy, with severe ear pain yesterday. I spent the afternoon and evening on the couch. With the Haiti quake and aftershocks, I heard the ringing in the left ear, but I did not have visions.

All of this is very frustrating to me.


  1. You aren't alone in this, by any means. We have a friend who suffers tremendously before quakes - vertigo, nausea etc. I'm going to send her here to your site. Thanks for posting this. There do seem to be people who are "earth sensitives," for lack of a better term. In fact, if you and our friend will give us permission, I'd like to do a post on what the two of experience before these quakes. perhaps it will help someone else.

  2. Thanks Trish & Rob. Anything to helps others...Use whatever is useful.

  3. Thanks, D. I heard back from the other woman and she said fine, too. She's going to check out your blog. Your slant is good, too, because of the Buddhist material.

  4. D - the links don't work! Am putting the post together now.

  5. Trish & Rob,
    Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed them.

  6. D, is this ringing anything like the Earth seeming to turn into a gigantic gently warbling glass bell?

    That's the one I've been getting since a kid in the early '60s. I got it just before our housing estate exploded into the Toxteth Riots, and I got it just recently and it always makes me go, uh-oh.

    Sorry to hear about your 30 years of illness, but I too've a life long proneness to weird mystical experiences and equally powerful dreams when I'm asleep, and a little while back our cat was as good as dead but I had this dream I could fire out healing white rays from the palms of my hand and when I tried it out on her she miraculously recovered.

    Now I know you're not a feline - though I'm sure you're an absolute pussycat! - but I've loaded down your piccy on my desktop and I'll try firing me palms at it whenever I remember and who knows - maybe you'll turn into a ginger tabby!

    Ooh, there's an omen: when I just previewed this comment the test word that came up was borksl and my usual online names're borky or alanborky - so make of that what you will!