Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've written a new article...

entitled : Elemental Haunting: An Overview for the Paranormal Researcher.

 It's just been posted on the Pacific Paranormal Investigations website:
click here.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Your article was extremely thorough and well written. I now have a much larger vocabulary and understanding of these different entities. Whether they are mythic or fact based, it's good to have the information. I'm beginning to understand that much of our oral history and mythology is fact based, in fact, Ancient Aliens on History Channel comes to mind.

    Personally, I like the water sprites!

  2. love love the ancient aliens series, too, nancy! great article, d!

  3. OK, it's late and I'll need to read this tomorrow. Love your new posts, Debra, whenever you post them. You are one wise lady.

  4. funny wv on that last one: alister-
    a list??

    Hey, that's you!

  5. Good article! Love the way you divided things according to elements!

  6. Great article! It was very interesting for me to read, because I have often wondered if different kinds of spirits communicate in their own ways. I have personally experienced poltergeist activity in which I felt there was more than one entity responsible. There was the bewildering knocking spirit, and then there was something creepy in my bathroom that seemed completely separate!

    Anyway- loved it! : )

  7. Nancy, Gypsy, Trish, & Jen:
    Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry I was so slow to respond. Sometimes my health causes me to "fall off the map". I really appreciate all of you!