Friday, February 4, 2011

A Suprising Turn of Events

     After the dissolution described in my 12/31/2010 post , I physically crashed. Living with an auto immune disorder is difficult. Living with one in times of unusual stress always leads to me collapsing. This is why it's been so quiet in these parts.

   A month ago, my daughter (25 yrs) called to tell me she was making a life-changing decision. She needed a roommate & place to stay within  2 weeks. Days went by, with no apparent options. Then she called me to tell me that Suzie, a girl she known in highschool, had just gotten a 2 bedroom apartment in a different part of San Diego (they both had been living near the beach). Suzie asked Desiree if she'd be willing to move in with her and her young son. Desiree was very excited and relieved. She didn't know were the place was exactly, other than it was somewhere in the unincorporated town where I live (which has 2 zip codes and isn't very small).

As things turned out, the aparment was on the property directly adjacent to our condo complex. We share a property line and a parking area. My husband and I went to the appointment with Suzie and Desiree. We were talking with the property manager about our mutual property concerns (my husband is on our Home Owner's Association).  The manager asked my husband where he works, and Larry told her he was a manager at a health food store.
It was then that  it happened.
I did what I call an intuitive " blurt". What came of my mouth was not thought out before I said it. It just spilled out me.

"He also has a California state certified guard card," I blurted, while  questioning myself as to why I even said it. It didn't appear relevant.

"But I need a security guard!" , the property manager replied.

To make a long story short.... My husband starts his 2nd job next week, and our daughter and her friend live next door. How this all fell together is pretty amazing to all of us.


  1. LOVE it! Yay! 2011 is a turning point for you all.

  2. Wow that's amazing! The universe is looking out for you and your family....very fortunate indeed. Hope your health is hanging in there and you are on the mend. It seems were are all in transition right now. amazing!

  3. well, part of you knew what to say and when! ;)

  4. Love it! What is better than actually having your children close enough that you can watch out for them? Things are looking up. You just never know what is right around the corner - sometimes something really wonderful.