Friday, January 8, 2010

The Awkward Psychic Moment

I usually write my blog in the mornings, but this evening something happened that was a little unsettling. Usually, there are days of relative quiet here, but this evening there was a commotion in our home. A neighbor came the door at the very same time the telephone rang. My husband took the phone and I went to the door. The sun was setting and there was a beautiful light on the buildings facing our unit. The neighbor at the door wanted to give me her keys, because she was leaving town on a trip. I went outside to chat with her, admiring the last rays of sunshine. Another neighbor, "T", came walking by with her two children.
I said to "T"; "I have saved two sturdy boxes for you to pack dishes in." She stops, her jaw hanging open. Her children stopped too, and were staring at me.

"Uh-oh", I thought. "Was it something I said?"
"T" then said "How did you know we were moving?"

I quickly went through a mental index, searching.... and not finding a reference point, I quickly asked "Didn't you tell me?"

"No, I didn't." she said. "Debra, we didn't even know we were moving until today. We weren't going to leave until April, but we got a call about a new place today, so we are leaving this month."

The other neighbor pipes up "Well, she knew you were moving because she told me!"

There is no social etiquette for times like these! What does one say?
"Well, I'm sorry, I am psychic, and sometimes I have no clue I know things!"???

"T" and her two children walked off with the boxes. I had been saving the boxes since Christmas. At least we all had a good laugh.

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