Friday, January 15, 2010

Poem Synchronicity

My first post on the Pandora's Feast blog was an unplanned poem that flowed out of my pen the day I posted it:

It was a time of tricksters and thieves,
a liminal point between aeons.
Chaos reigned.
(Her name was Eris.)
Pandora freely bestowed gifts upon humanity
in the form of epidemics, plagues & mysterious illnesses.
Pan had been displaced, or maybe he had a sex change.
Who Knows??

Last night, four days after the poem was written, was our condominium HOA (Home Owner's Association) meeting. My husband is on the board, and I fill in where needed. I almost didn't make it due to illness. 2 board members could not attend due to illness. One homeowner was in attendance needing approval for a project.... because of illness.

A new homeowner who had just purchased a unit came to just to say "Hi". The name???

In the poem the goddess of chaos is called "ERIS", AND Pandora is spreading "epidemics, plagues, and mysterious illnesses".
Hopefully no thieves were there!

Now I need to write something about abundance, lottery winnings and random acts of awesome-ness.

Is that way this sychronicity and creativity thing works?? :-)

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