Sunday, January 31, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

Recently, a question was raised on a bulletin board that I frequent: What is the difference between an Ouija Board, a crystal ball, and tarot cards? The context of the question was why the Ouija Board wasn't considered as being similar t the other items. This is my 2 cents:

There is a big difference between an oracle (tarot cards, crystal ball, runes, I Ching), and a tool to contact disembodied spirits (Ouija board). Consulting an oracle is a way of centering your self and talking to the "inner sage". This is an introverted process. The Ouija board is an extroverted process: you are asking for contact with entities outside of your psyche. This is the same as allowing yourself to be a medium, where spirits use your body. With an Ouija board spirits are borrowing your energy and using your arm. The Ouija board was designed specifically for communication with disembodied entities.

An oracle is simply tapping into your inner self. In Christian cultures, there is a big misunderstanding regarding the use of oracles, and they have been labeled as "evil", just as the Ouija Board. Of course,there are misguided people who use oracles believing they are contacting spirits, not understanding that they are connecting with their own subconscious or shadow aspects of their psyche.

Psychologist Carl Jung studied oracles and found them to be statistically significant in regards to synchronicity : two or more things connected acausally (i.e. with no chain of action and consequences.) He found that observing synchronicity enhanced one's ability to achieve their hidden innate potentials (individuation).

Speaking personally, I have collected/studied/used Tarot cards now for 36 years, with no trouble with spirits or entities. However, my brief use of a Ouija board as a teen did cause a problem that was solved by burning it. I have found similar stories among other people.


  1. With a Ouiji board, you get what you ask for, I think. Teens in a dark closet with a flashlight, asking scary questions, get dark responses.

    The board itself and the planchette have no power. You could do the same with a sheet of paper with the alphabet spread across it, a yes and no in the corners, and a pencil.

    If you're looking for higher spiritual energy, that can also be found. That said, there's an abundance of trickster energy waiting to push the planchette. The lower entities are the ones that try to dominate and control your actions. But again, they typically come with an invitation. - Rob

  2. What Rob said is wisdom and discernment , folks! Listen to it....